Monday, 16 May 2011

Doing the Locomotion

We had reason to get the train from York to London recently. Nature, as we all know (some only too well), is no respecter of modern modes of travel - she may call when you're half-way to Peterborough, for instance, and there's nothing you can do about it. Or rather there is - you can go and take pictures of the train conveniences.
The soap smelled really very nice, though ever since a friend told us about one time when she tried washing her hands on a train, only to find that the water had run out, leaving her stuck with soap all over her hands and no way to rinse it off (unless, of course, she happened to meet a soap-loving, hand-licking Labrador), we're a bit nervous about hand-washing on trains. One trick is to rinse your hands first (as per NHS guidelines), so you know there is water, but then what if that uses up the last of it?

This toilet was perfectly clean and in no way unpleasant to use.

We love clear signs like this one. The bin is not too close.

We thought the old "do not use in station" rule stemmed from the days when the contents of train toilets were simply emptied onto the tracks, and therefore antiquated, but apparently not. Anyway, nothing surprises one in Britain.

A handy reminder for people with short memories.

East Coast trains have really very good toilets; we award this one 10 points out of 15!

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