Monday, 25 July 2011

By the Sea - a Toilet Blogger's Holiday

 We've been on holiday. You may have noticed the radio silence. But our regular readers can now cease tearing their hair and sniffing glue to relieve the tedium - we're back! And we have, of course, maintained ceaseless vigilance on the toilet front, to keep you amused and edified.
We found this classic Swedish "utedass", outdoor privy, on the south-east coast just outside Åhus (more on this very respectable centre later on). It's attached to what is now a summer house, but used to be a smugglers' den! We could barely contain our exctitement.

Close-up of the bog, a vintage Porta-Potty!

Pictures of royalty add class and distinction to any loo
Whiling away the time while gazing at these walls must be a pleasure!

A priceless 1950s bookmark collection - Carl XVI Gustaf, top centre, with family
A touch of class

British royalty add glamour

Clockwise from left: Franz Joseph I of Austria and Queen Elisabeth; Fergie and Prince Andrew engaging in a nuptial snog; the Swedish royal family; some chick with a dog; Diana and Charles

Bin, bog roll, wet-wipes

Quality wet-wipes
Since this update is, in a sense, a holiday edition with extra glamour and fun, we've added this little film to make the festive feeling positively riotous:

Festive video - Badliv, By the Sea

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  1. Old memories getting refreshed. This is really innovating for me as I get my mindset refreshed with the old days situations to employee now.

  2. Very nice blog post :) I love the Carl XVI Gustaf-bookmarks!


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