Friday, 29 July 2011

An Antiquated Update

 As previously mentioned, we were in the vicinity of the picturesque little town of Åhus recently. This charming and most respectable little town is rich in pretty houses and gardens, sailing boats, and tanned Swedish people. We found it quaint to the point of paranoia, in a David Lynch kind of way, and kept wondering what goes on behind those charming façades. "All kinds of things", a local assured us.

Paying a visit to the local museum, we were distraught to find that the public toilets were locked and unavailable. However, the charming receptionist very kindly let us use the staff toilet.

We know you're all desperate to see the pictures, and are probably scrolling down without reading this, but we just wanted to note that the Åhus museum is very interesting, and just the right size; it takes about 15 minutes to see everything, and then you can go and have an ice-cream from Otto's ice cream kiosk in the square outside. For those of you who have been to York, you might be interested to know that the medieval artefacts at Åhus museum are quite similar to those at the Jorvik centre. There is even a rosary made with jet (presumably from Yorkshire) as well as amber beads!

A charmingly messy but clean staff toilet

A beguiling little sink

An environmentally friendly and pleasantly scented soap

A first-aid station on the back of the door!

Charming old-fashioned door handle and hasp lock

The shamefully closed public toilets

Åhus museum
SE-296 31 ÅHUS

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