Sunday, 31 July 2011

Celebrity Toilet Premiere

The day has finally arrived when we can present to you, our loyal readers, our celebrity toilet reportage! How we have been dreaming of this day!   
We happen to be acquainted with a certain luscious lady of Emmerdale fame, and managed to persuade this starry-eyed beauty to let us photograph her toilet.  We are proud and a little awed to be able to present these pictures to you today.
There is one slight hitch, however: our celebrity decided, in the end, that having photos of her seductively draped over a toilet posted on the internet would not only be weird and slightly repulsive, but would most likely end her career and brand her a freak and a basket case forever.  We can only conclude that she has her head screwed on right.
In order not to totally disappoint our readers, however, we have introduced this rubber chicken as a replacement for our luscious beauty in the photographs:

When you see this, imagine a dusky beauty

One day we may be able to reveal to you the name our celebrity, but until then, our lips remain hermetically and hygienically sealed.
The entrance into the inner sanctum: a charming vision in red and white

A cheerful sign reassuring one that one has come to the right place

The toilet itself

An oh! so stylish pull chain handle

Chain, cistern and rubber chicken

Stylish toiletries on a shelf

A stylish sink (though of course separated taps set our teeth on edge, and Hygeia hops up and down with anger)

Some charming knick-knacks

A full view of the sink
A saucy print on the wall

The keyhole shape of this picture uncomfortably brings to mind
the eccentricity of our toilet photography obsession

Naturally an actress must have a movie poster to gaze at while seated on her toilet

No celebrity actress toilet is complete without a picture of Sophia Loren!

A most charming and stylish tile

Another risqué print...

...and a slightly weird one involving ice-cream

A super-stylish lampshade!

Only the best for our celebrity: luxury toilet paper

And finally: a beguiling glimpse of our raven-haired beauty!

Bet you're dying to know who our "sleb" is!

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  1. Looks like a lovely place!

  2. Dear Kerstin,

    It is! We are very lucky to have access to such a lovely toilet!

    Kind regards,

    Privy Counsellor


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