Friday, 8 July 2011

Puppies, Bloody Puppies

We ran out of bog roll. Stopping at the nearest supermarket to stock up, we realised to our horror that all they had was Andrex. However, with our recent discovery about their FSC status in mind, we managed to purchase a pack with relative equanimity. We do still wish it was unbleached, but are secretly pleased that this version has a puppy pattern.

Puppies, bloody puppies...

The FSC logo: our sanity saver. Also adorable paw.

Puppy pattern: we love this despite ourselves



  1. Toilet paper origami is the origami-style folidng of toilet paper. Includes the folding while still on the toilet roll.

  2. We are fascinated and intrigued. Feel free to send us pictures of toilet-paper origami at!


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