Thursday, 3 November 2011

Gleeful Antics at Grays Court

 We hoppeted (Old English hoppetan, to hop, to leap for joy) along to Grays Court the other day, in the company of our eminently intellectual Intellectual Friend, to partake of tea, scones and toilets. Our final verdict is somewhere along the lines of "Hot dog!" This dignified old building is simply bursting with panelled walls and mullioned windows, providing a highly cosy and venerably historic atmosphere. We seated ourselves in a nook, or cranny, one moody autumn afternoon, and passed a delightful hour or so discussing toilets, and also sometimes academic matters.
 We are pleased to be able to show you both the ladies' and the gents' toilets, thanks to a collaborative scholarly effort. The only drawback is that, due to the uncooperative attitude of Intellectual Friend's 56th-generation space phone, some photos appear sideways.

Intellectual Friend happily showing off a delicious cream- and jam-laden scone at Grays Court

A beguiling entrance

Sink with awful taps and splendid soap

A really exciting old toilet...

...with a lovely/horrifying (depending on your viewpoint) cistern

Alas, uncovered toilet roll!

We can't decipher the stamp on the porcelain, but the Tornado was a Crapper toilet model

Lovely, lovely soap and lotion!

Sturdy, unpretentious and reliable: everything a coat-hook should be

Eek! Eek! Eek! Eek! Separated taps!

This lovely stuff deserves another close-up

Amusing prints on the wall

The ladies' toilet isn't nearly as exciting as the gents'

 Due to the air-dryers, disability-unfriendly flush handles and separate taps, these toilets receive only 7 points. However, the scones and tea were highly scrumptious, and the Grays Court staff were probably the friendliest and most helpful we have ever come across anywhere!

Grays Court
Chapter House Street
York YO1 7JH
01904 612613 

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