Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Safety at Work

 Safety in the workplace is an important topic in these downsized, speeded-up times. Technically, your employer is not allowed to let you suffer from preventable injuries or increase your workload to the point where you're so stressed you believe you're a tiny, speckled hamster named Harriet, and you can't remember the names of your children.
 But what about your right to be able to maintain hygiene
and not scald yourself on dangerously hot water?

This is a topic which is consistently ignored in the British Isles, as these pictures (WARNING: strong images. Children and those who believe they're a tiny, speckled hamster named Harriet must be supervised), from a brand-spanking new, refurbished workplace show. Britons never, never, never shall be slaves, apparently, but they are slaves to impractical, dangerous and annoying plumbing.

Looks like a nice, clean and freshly painted toilet, doesn't it?

Hygeia says no! And so does the fire warden!

This charming, freshly painted, olde worlde door...

...does not bloody well make up for the dangerous separated taps in the kitchen!
So, remember to take breaks (personally we enjoy tea breaks. And coffee breaks. And biscuit breaks. And pretty much any other kind of break), and lift with your legs, not with your back! And wash your hands!


  1. I'm worried I might be a tiny, speckled hamster named Harriet....

  2. Dear Kerstin,

    Don't worry, this is completely normal. Get yourself a little wheel and some hamster treats, and enjoy the ride!


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