Friday, 18 November 2011

'Twas the Night before World Toilet Day

Don't worry, we intend to amaze and dazzle you with a spectacular story tomorrow, to celebrate World Toilet Day! (It's only once a year, so you might as well mark the day with a bang.)
In the meantime, Canadian Friend has been hiking, and engaging in covert toilet journalism! Here's what she says:

Here are the Swainby loos from the pub there. I can't remember the name of the pub. I think it had the word horse in the name.
These loos were very clean, classy and elegant. It was a pleasure to pee there.

According to our friend Wikipedia, the pub was most likely The Black Horse, and very nice it looks too.

A classy decoration of some kind

Woof! A mixer tap and a creepy mannequin! What more can you ask on the night before World Toilet Day?

We love disabled toilets - they're always cleaner, better and less annoying than ordinary toilets

We don't however, love separated taps. Please stop this nuisance.

Canadian Friend, armed with dog and poo bags, enjoying the scenery around Swainby

At the risk of contradicting ourselves: lots of style points for the classy toilets and the mixer tap, and lots of minus points for the separated taps! Woof!

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