Sunday, 6 November 2011

A Liverpool-Themed Update

  We haven't been anywhere near Liverpool today, though doubtless many other people have. What we have been is busy, simply fran-tic-ally busy, which means we have had much less time than usual to devote to edifying and amusing those of you deranged enough to spend precious minutes of your spare time reading a blog about toilets - toilets, people! However, Enlightened Friend has come to the rescue, giving us a hot tip about Liverpudlian toilets. There is, or so the rumours say, a pub with such fabulous toilets that people come from all over the country to see them! And what's more - ladies are allowed in the gents' toilets! A bog this fantastic just has to be publicised, we think.

Ladies who wish to see the famous marble urinals may ask to be escorted into the gents',
if there are no gentlemen present whose modesty might be offended
 Apparently this pub used to be a favourite of John Lennon, who later complained that he was too famous to drink in it. (

On a side note, while researching these legendary toilets we came across this amusing little work of art:

Image from

We are certainly chuckling. Heartily.

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