Wednesday, 9 May 2012

MAD: Answering Your Toilet Paper Needs Since 1952

"A spoof of An Ideal Husband?" ranted our inner critic. "Really? You don't think you overreached your intellectual abilities there, Privy Counsel?"
Actually, no, we don't. We think it was an acccurate and amusing rendition of the classic Wilde comedy. But, to satisfy the demands of our less intellectually stringent readers, we've got something right up their alley. We just received a tip about some more, er, absorbing reading: It turns out that MAD Magazine have published no less than four toilet books! Four! Entitled The Mad Bathroom Companion, The Mad Bathroom Companion: Number Two, The Mad Bathroom Companion: Turd in a Series, and The Mad Bathroom Companion: The Gushing Fourth Edition, they are available from MAD (who else?).

In other news, one of the Google search phrases luring yet another poor, benighted reader to our blog this week included "has any celebrities have chlamydia" (sic). We, alas, have no idea, but very much hope that the answer may be found! Perhaps in one of the MAD bathroom companions?

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