Thursday, 3 May 2012

Battling It Out with Rock'n'roll Toilets

A little while ago the Privy Counsel visited a delightful little venue called Fibbers, to see a band we quite like.  We naturally brought our rock'n'roll camera with us, and so we now have the pleasant task of presenting pictures of the Fibbers toilets to our esteemed readers.

The main event of the evening: A perfectly lovely toilet!
Nice and colourful, well lit, and with a trendy-looking bin.
Also, all that plywood smelled very nice!
A joy to a wizened old toilet-reviwer's eye: A hygienic toilet-roll holder!

Hurrah! Only one water temperature available, but it was a pleasant one, and not a vile non-mixer tap in sight!

However, there was only an air-dryer of the non-Privy-Counsel-approved kind available.

We heartily approve of this coat-hook - look how sturdy it is!

The pièce de résistance: The pipes are clear so you can see the water bubbling when you flush! Hurrah!

  A total of 7 points for these rock'n'roll toilets, babes!

8-10 Stonebow House
York YO1 7NP
01904 651 250

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  1. I've spent a great deal of time at this venue myself. The toilets are indeed most acceptable, although I can tell you they are a bit cramped when one is wearing full Viking garb and trying not to drop one's woolen dress into the loo. ;)


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