Friday, 18 May 2012

Common Sense in Spain

At the Privy Counsel we're quite used to being accused of all kinds of unsavoury things. We're regularly charged with indulging in unconstructive bitching and moaning, for instance. This doesn't bother us, since we know, even if some people don't, that there is nothing unconstructive about the Privy Counsel. Another attempted insult levelled at us recently was an inquiry as to whether we had participated in "a reality tv show about people with extreme OCD". All we can say is, "Water off a duck's back, baby"!
Every now and then, we are vindicated. Look at this picture of a Spanish bathroom, for instance, sent to Enlightened Friend by another, mutual, friend, with the comment, "Electrical plugs in the bathroom. You see, SPANISH PEOPLE HAVE COMMON SENSE".

Spanish people have common sense
For those of you living in blissful ignorance of the reason for all these tensions, the fact is that bathrooms in Britain have no electric sockets, the populace not being trusted with the ability to not electrocute itself at the slightest provocation. What Britons don't realise, of course, is that most of the rest of the world manages to quietly get on with having plugs in the bathroom, without accidentally brutally electrocuting itself while drying its hair in a convenient location.
Now if you'll excuse us we're going to find some three-inch nails and attempt to electrocute ourselves - we simply can't resist the temptation!

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