Thursday, 20 September 2012

Baby, Let Me Be...

Do you like bears? 'Course you do! We went to Orsa Björnpark, in Dalarna, Sweden, and got up, close and personal with some hungry animals. While we don't subscribe to Elvis Presley's wish of having a chain around our neck, we do agree that bears are great! Also we don't normally approve of gawping at animals in captivity, but Orsa Björnpark has a conservational agenda and houses animals in an environment as close as possible to their natural habitat, with the long-term goal of releasing them into the wild.

Orsa Björnpark: View of the bear park from Grönklitt

Teddy bears!

Wildlife centre toilets: basic but clean

We enjoy this type of economical hand-towel dispenser

The actual toilet

A fun, rustic lock. But no coat hook!

"Gigantbox." Katrin products are usually eco-friendly

Did you know? Less is more!
We enjoyed our toilet experience at Orsa Björnpark, especially since it was freezing cold, wet, and windy outside, and the toilets were warm and cosy.
Eight points in all.

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Teddy Bear

The King with the, er, king of the animal kingdom. Image from Quadlibetica

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