Thursday, 6 September 2012

Hanging out with Hygeia at Glyptoteket

 The Privy Counsel recently took a field trip to Copenhagen, city of fabulous toilets! (Read previous posts here and here.) Australian Friend accompanied us, and we had ourselves an extremely enjoyable and informative jaunt. Among other things we visited Glyptoteket, site of naked, petrified Greeks (what's not to like?). Imagine our delight when we bumped into a statue of our favourite Greek goddess, Hygeia! And the fabulousness didn't end there - we also met Hygeia's father, Asklepios!

Hygeia likes to hang out, cuddling her snake, at Glyptoteket

Hygeia's father, Asklepios, was very nice as well

Naturally we took the opportunity to visit the toilets at Glyptoteket. They were excellent, as you'd expect. (Not as many naked Greeks in there as we'd hoped, but you can't have everything.)

Stylish mixer tap at Glyptoteket

All ship-shape, etc

There's even a toilet-seat sanitiser on the wall

In an ideal world there'd be a covered loo-roll holder and a naked Greek or two,
but alas, one cannot have everything...

Excellent coat-hooks!

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Dantes Plads 7
DK-1556 Copenhagen V

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