Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sing If You're Glad to Be a Dane

Do you live in Denmark? If you do, you are very, very lucky! An enterprising woman by the name of Tine Müller has created a function for finding your nearest public toilet! The service is completely free and includes information on whether the toilet you are contemplating using is disability-friendly, a pissoir, unisex, or has a changing table. Pretty splendid, ikke?
Check it out at!

In other, Denmark-related, news, here are photos from the toilets at the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.

As you know, we'd love to think of something to complain of,
but we can't think of anything specific

Covered bog-roll holder: check

Sturdy coat-hook: check
To make up for the toilets not being very exciting, here's a picture of Australian Friend having a blast at the Tivoli Gardens!

Australian Friend enjoying herself at the Tivoli!
(Face obscured to avoid harassment by pervs, toilet obsessives, OCD maniacs, etc

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Tivoli A/S
Vesterbrogade 3
P.O.Box 233
1630 Copenhagen 


  1. I have send several mails to but get no answer. Are they not received?

    1. Dear Ms Müller,

      We apologise for the delay! A piping hot reply is now waiting in your inbox!

      Kind regards,

      The Privy Counsel


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