Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Comfort of the Familiar - Life, Jonny, and Everything

As I dressed for dinner that night, I was conscious of an impending doom.
"Jeeves," I said, "have you ever pondered on Life?"
"From time to time, sir, in my leisure moments."
"Grim, isn't it, what?"
"Grim, sir?"
"I mean to say, the difference between things as they look and things as they are."
Nothing is certain except death and taxes.
You know that thing that happens sometimes, where you think you've hit your stride and everything is going to be alright, and then suddenly life turns up with its beefy buddies and punches you in the stomach until you throw up? It is at such times that one finds comfort in the familiar - the bottle, an intellectual toilet blog, or, in our case, pictures of Jonny's naked legs. For reasons we'd rather not go into, we've seen a lot of pictures of Jonny's legs over the years. So imagine our delight when this turned up in our inbox! 

Come hell or high water: British plumbing at its finest

Jonny says, in his truly inimitable style,

Typical English plumbing fix
Duct tape and a Tupperware lid
At least it's a mixer tub, huh?

Where did that bottle go?

Festive video: Ramblin' Jack Elliott, New Stranger Blues

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