Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What Goes Around, Comes Around

We've had occasion recently to contemplate concepts like wheels of fortune, charts of the ages of man, etc. The idea of time and events being cyclical is common to many cultures, with an apocalyptic end to the human world bringing a new beginning. In this world view, the forces of creation and destruction are intrinsically linked; indeed, one cannot operate without the other, as anyone who's ever possessed a Lego set knows. People in the Middle Ages liked illustrating these notions in moralising books with plenty of illumination and other fancy stuff. Frankly, we think the image of a bloke on the bog with his bike is just as effective as an illustrative device, if not more so.

Our friend Jonny sent us this picture.

Jonny being philosophical.
A bit unappetising, perhaps, but we had one of those nights, and are momentarily inured to disgust. We promise to post something nice as soon as the hangover clears.

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