Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Disabled Toilet in the Physiotherapy Department at York Hospital

For reasons not unrelated to our recent Italian holiday we're spending rather a lot of time at the physiotherapy department at the hospital these days. The toilets there are a dream of hygiene and efficiency, apart from the flushes, which unfortunately splash toilet water all over the seats. Hygeia sits down and weeps at the very thought!

WOW! Mixer-tap! Paper-towel dispenser from Tork! Since this photo was taken,
the soap dispenser has been replaced with an automatic one,
which you don't have to touch. WOW!

An unfortunate flushing arrangement

Bin and toilet paper perfectly fine, but unfortunately, the seat does get splashed when flushing!

Ooh, we like this coat-hook! Purr, purr, purr!

With the extra point we awarded for the touchless soap dispenser, these hospital conveniences get 8 points, and that's despite not getting a point for being clean! (Of course they are extremely clean, but we just can't get over the yucky, wet toilet seat)!

York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Wigginton Road
York, YO31 8HE


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