Monday, 30 April 2012

Hurrah! It's Monday!

At the Privy Counsel, we are firm believers in the edict that it's not the chocolate cake you're dealt, but how much rum you have with it that determines how much fun you have in the game of life. At Privy Counsel HQ, it's been absolutely pissing down with rain for weeks on end, we spent most of the weekend wrestling with a sabre-toothed tiger of a hangover that damn near made us go all extinct, and now, to top things off, it's sodding well Monday morning. So we decided to jazz up this hellish state of things with a pair of PINK FLAMINGOES! This is the toilet belonging to Canadian Friend's Canadian friend, in Winnipeg! Canadian Friend's Canadian friend got some plastic flamingoes to brighten up the garden with, and discovered that they worked just as well in the bathroom!

Will this be the hottest interior design trend this year?

We have turned absolutely pink with delight! "Hurrah!", say we, "and bring on the rest of the week!"

1 comment:

  1. Canadian Friend30 April, 2012

    Those Flamingoes are stunning, just STUNNING! Who knew they were so versatile in their ability to brighten up a space. Yay, Canadian Friend.


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