Saturday, 14 April 2012

Goji: Returning to the Scene of the Cake

We've been visiting our second favourite café (our actual favourite café, naturally, is the one that boasts the best toilet in England) a fair amount recently, to enjoy cake, jollity and pleasantness, and even, dare we add, a certain amount of drunkenness, with friends. Goji in Goodramgate really is a lovely, lovely place, and the toilets boast a high level of je ne sais quois, to use our favourite expression of the moment, as well (for our last review of Goji, click here)! The best bit, however, is the handwashing facilities! The reason we are updating our review is that the lovely people at Goji have replaced the previous hot-water contraption, which was leaking, with a new, touch-free one! We can only applaud this move - enthusiastically, at length, and with considerable zest and brio! Considerable!

Touch-free hot-water contraption with lovely soap - Hygeia swoons and gasps!

Oooh, lovely soap!
Continuing the good work: the Tork paper-towel dispenser is doing its thing

The bin is still not necessarily conducive to good hygiene, but the touch-free contraption
has us so dizzy with joy that we forget all about it
 Oooh, guess what, the Goji toilets receive 10 points this time, up from 7!

Goji Vegetarian Cafe & Deli
36 Goodramgate,
York YO1 7LF
Tel: 01904 622614

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