Monday, 13 August 2012

Happy Birthday, Australian Friend!

Because it is Australian Friend's birthday (and because today's post about the lavoire was technical to the point of being impenetrable, and left us exhausted and nauseous), we're doing a bonus post on Australian toilets!

Let's start with the Australian Toilet Organisation. Yes! There is such a thing! "The purpose of the Australian Toilet Organisation is to create better communities through better toilets," says the website. We say hurrah to that!

Providing relief. Image from the Australian Toilet Organisation

We found a picture of this amusing souvenir: an Australian toilet ashtray! While we don't condone smoking at the Privy Counsel (especially not on the toilet: too much flammable matter around!), we nonetheless find this diverting.
The Australia Souvenir site says:
"Complement your smoking with family and friends by using this amazing Australian toilet ashtray! You and your friends will be amused by the rare design of this souvenir ashtray as it is designed to the likeness of a toilet bowl with the Australian map on the front lid and a 3D kangaroo on the inside of the ashtray. This comes with a slot to hold your cigarette."
Marvellous, marvellous!

Toilet ashtray. Image from Australia Souvenir

One cannot write anything about Australia without mentioning huge, hairy spiders. Behold, the Australian toilet spider!!
View it here.

Toilet spider. Image from Sydney Emerald City.
Caption: "Yes it is real. Luckily its is harmless but not to other spiders.The Huntsman spider is common around Sydney houses and is not usually found on the toilet seat. I like them because it is said they kill the more deadly Sydney Funnel Web Spider - which we have plenty of where we live. A tip - always shake out your boots before inserting your foot!"

To continue the fauna theme, here's an article about a giant snake found in an Australian toilet.

Toilet snake. Image from The Telegraph

We must of course also mention the Australian dunny. Read all about it on Wikipedia.

Dunny. Image from Wikipedia

Last, but not least, here's a picture of what is, apparently, a typical Australian toilet.

Australian toilets. Image from Shomuni

 Happy birthday, Australian Friend!

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