Thursday, 9 August 2012

Kronovall: More Castle Shenagigans

Not content with the grandeur and cultural richness of Christinehof Castle, we went ahead and made a visit to a place called Kronovall, near Tomelilla in southern Sweden, as well. (This place was recommended to us by a very dear friend.) Our main impression was of the pizza, which was AWESOME!

Classy before you even enter the toilets

Well, it is a wine castle!

Does one sigh with contentment? One does.

This soap actually smells like sandalwood and lavender.

Ha! An exemplary coat-hook!

Kronovall Castle, in all its glory

PIZZA! AND WINE! Two of our favourite things!

A whimsical giant wine bottle

We can't be bothered with points at the moment. To be honest, we suspect nobody cares, anyway. Just go and eat the pizza and enjoy the toilets.

Kronovalls Vinslott
273 95 Tomelilla
Tel: 0417-197 10

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  1. An exemplary chain mail hook, even!



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