Friday, 2 August 2013

Privy Counsel Pin-Up: Clint Eastwood, or, Black-and-White Baths, or, Dirty Men with Guns

Time for a Privy Counsel Pin-Up! While researching our Rootin', Tootin' Toilet Tale the other day, we happened upon this picture of Clint Eastwood being laudably hygienic. We always thought that gunmen in the Wild West just fell into horse troughs occasionally when drunk, and left their ablutions at that. But apparently that ain't so - it appears that there was a conscious effort to keep the fleas in check using hot water and soap. Hurrah for that! (Hygeia nods approvingly.)

Clint in High Plains Drifter. Image from
Actually, since it's Friday, let's have a bonus pin-up!

Shooting from the hip-bath?
Glenn Ford in Cowboy. Image from manbathtime.
Do we hear you clamouring for more? Go on, then!

Paul Newman in The Secret War of Harry Frigg. Image from thestorytellinghour.

We'd love to oblige you with more, but a Privy Counsel's gotta get its rest sometime.

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