Thursday, 8 August 2013

International Musings

Air so hot that it burns one's lungs and alarming thoughts about syphilis are, as far as we know, not valid reasons for not updating one's toilet blog. Let us therefore have a new post! Our photo archive is, as usual, overflowing with various and startling kinds of filth. However, we're more in the mood for something frivolous. Let's just have some lovely international pictures, shall we?
First up, we've got a testament to the effervescence of the Privy Counsel's members: a colourful and oh! so amusing toilet in far-off Switzerland!

Oh, joy: Australian Friend's mum's friend found this in Switzerland!

The Swiss certainly seem to be into their groovy toilet-seat covers!

Another friend mentioned her amusement at accidentally buying scented toilet paper in Croatia. While our views on scented, dyed or even just bleached bog roll are well known, we couldn't help but be carried away by the festive feeling which the discovery of this fragrant tissue occasioned.

Festive: Croatian scented toilet paper.
This particular kind smells, if the packaging is to be believed, of peaches.
Oh, goody! Everyone likes peaches, right?
We hope, as ever, that all our regular readers are feeling delighted and edified. Now, let's get back to those syphilitic thoughts!

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