Friday, 16 August 2013

The Old Ballcock and Chain, or, An Open-and-Shut Case, or, The Long Tap Lever of the Law

We have made it clear on many occasions that we in no way support any kind of criminal activity, and that all members of the Privy Counsel are, usually, extremely law-abiding. We're not saying there haven't been lapses. There was, for instance, that time we were chased round Golden Square in Soho by police officers wanting, perfectly reasonably, to dissuade us from engaging in public urination. But usually, when we haven't been drinking champagne with French people, we are devoted to public order and decency.
However, parts of the Counsel recently had business inside a police station. Don't ask why, and we'll tell you no lies. Anyway, that money was just resting in our account.

Sturdy, functional, and disability-friendly:
one would expect nothing less of a government authority toilet.

An extended lever on the tap
ensures disability-friendliness.
Hygeia nods approvingly and gargles.

We have no idea what this says,
but we're assuming it's a special corner
set aside for people who wish to reflect on their wrongdoings.

How can one do anything other than
erupt in wild applause at the sight
of such a sturdy door and lock?

We're totally shooting from the hip here, but we'd give this toilet probably a twelve, since we're feeling all giddy and light-headed after escaping with a mere caution.

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