Sunday, 11 August 2013

More Croatian Toilet Paper

 Our Croatian friend has had an Archimedes-style epiphany! It turns out that the metaphorical bath-tub of Croatia is simply overflowing with amusing, novelty scented bog roll! Let's have a hit parade of the best ones! (See our previous post on Croatian bog roll here.)
The first two types of toilet paper appear to have been awarded some species of eco label. Considering that Andrex, that vile, nefarious, non-recycled aberration of colours, scents and bloody puppies, is allowed to carry the FSC label, we reckon eco labels must be going cheap these days. So anyway, whatever PEFC is, we're not impressed. But we will admit to secretly coveting the green tea toilet paper, just a little bit. It seems somehow conducive to contemplation and philosophising!

Wild cherry. Ummm. Yum?

Green tea toilet paper - for when you need a moment to reflect and meditate.

Hello Kitty bog roll? Really? Kitty wipes arses now?

Chamomile toilet paper. We totally see the value of this. We really do.

Archimedes and the Eureka moment - how it most likely happened.

As our educated and cultured readers no doubt already know, Archimedes was a cool dude with a beard who liked baths. While in the bath he liked to philosophise and stroke his beard. One day he got so carried away philosophising and stroking his beard that he discovered the Archimedes principle, which enables anyone to find out the mass of any object by placing it in a tub of water and checking how much water it displaces. How cool is that! And it's totally free! Totally try it at the weekend for, like, mad thrills! Also, as Hygeia points out with the light of fervent evangelisation in her eyes, bathing is a laudable and hygienic occupation, suitable for all the family. Like, eureka!

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