Friday, 20 September 2013

Caitlin Moran: Our Favourite Non-Toilet-Related Person!

Imagine our delight when our favourite ever non-toilet-related person, Caitlin Moran, came to Everyone's Favourite Toilet Country (i.e. Denmark)! We were immensely excited when we strode into the toilets in Denmark's Royal Library, thinking, "What if CatMo is IN HERE! RIGHT NOW!" Of course she wasn't, but it was an enjoyable experience nonetheless. (No doubt they have lovely bogs in the VIP area backstage. Maybe one day we can get Caitlin to tell us all about them.) 
It is our very great pleasure to present to our readers these pictures of the toilets in the building where Caitlin gave a talk on feminism! There were quite a few people milling around in the toilets, hoping to catch a glimpse of CatMo, so we didn't get to snap the taps. We're sure you understand. In case you're really curious, they were motion-sensor mixer-taps. The soap was quite nice, and there were energy-saving air dryers. Like these ones.

Very safe and normal Danish toilet. Bog roll on the floor isn't what you'd expect
in a Royal Library, but not even Denmark is totally predictable.

A slightly more avant-garde angle. Plenty of toilet roll!

GAAAAAH! Why the gap? Why would you do this?
Where is the privacy when there's a giant gap under the door?
Don't the people at the Royal Library know that we are rampantly paranoid???

The height of happiness:
Being told by CatMo that one has "old lady hair"!
We also got free chocolate at the event. #win

We find Caitlin Moran's hair, eyeliner and use of capital letters tremendously inspirational. Luckily for all our regular fans, you can enjoy watching her being fabulous, too! Check out the video:

Sheer joy: Caitlin Moran talking!
(That's the Privy Counsel representative laughing louder than everyone else in the background.
Paranoia and discretion are two different things.)

Now go get some bread and cheese, and ponder the Marxist-feminist dialectic which brings all the boys to the yard!
Special thanks to Australian Friend for sending us the link about this momentous event!

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