Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Czech Mate (Yeah, Yeah, We Know, Sorry)

A friend of ours, who's a) Czech, and b) plumbing-aware, sent us these gorgeous photos from his new flat. Which is located, would you believe it, in Leeds! (The city of Leeds seems to have become rather notorious recently - see our last post on the last Great British bachelor.) Our first reaction when we saw the pictures, and we're genuinely not shitting you here, was "ZOMG, is that a genuine functioning ventilation unit???" And it was! (If you're like us and functioning ventilation units make you all weak in the knees, check out what Mr Smith is packing!) Czech Mate also says, "On the left, behind the door, is a loo with a tank built in to the wall and another massive mirror, so you can see yourself an infinite number of times if you're at the right angle". We're actually glad that we haven't seen this toilet in the flesh, as we're not at all convinced that we'd be able to contain our excitement.

Woof! We can't see the tap, but considering
the one in the bath is a mixer one, we're assuming
the one in the sink is, too.

One can indeed, if one is so inclined, see oneself an infinite number of times!
One can still not, however, see the tap in the sink.
A fact which makes one quite disappointed, to be honest.
Unless of course it's one of those vile non-mixer taps.
In which case one is immensely relieved.
We have been specially instructed to point out the bathroom scales, which recline elegantly on a kind of pedestal. Czech mate says, "You've got to have style, and how a man takes care of his scales is important, of course". We couldn't agree more.

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1 comment:

  1. Czech Mate: you definitely couldn't help yourself there, could you? :P

    and btw, if at any point you find yourself on this weird island, you'd be more than welcome to show off your excitement as you have just been heartily invited to adore my bathroom (admittedly, the first time I have invited a girl over under that pretense, but with you it will work) :D


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