Saturday, 4 April 2015

Cheese and Worcester

We've been away on a spiritual retreat involving a) staggering amounts of cheese, b) mindboggling amounts of booze, and c) lascivious and unrestrained viewing of period dramas, and are not quite au courant with recent events. However, we gather that some kind of religious hoopla has been happening, about which many people apparently give several fucks.
We thought we'd encourage this lunacy by going all ecclesiastical on your asses, then sit back and enjoy the ensuing confusion.

Remember when Tudor Friend sent us pictures from Worcester Cathedral? (Actually this happened twice - view the pictures here and here.) Well, we were unable to restrain ourselves from visiting this worthy sanctuary personally, and seeing the glory of the lavatories ourselves.

This is the entry to the inner sanctum.
The red sandstone was one of many types of sandstone used to build Worcester Cathedral;
read all about all the different kinds here.
A charming transition from basilica to bog!

A not-so-charming use of phallic and annoying separated taps.

We believe we have already criticised the disability-hostile flush handle.

However, this coat-hook is both stylish and functional, and sets our heart on fire!

This beautiful laver, or lavatorium - essentially, a handwashing trough - can be viewed
in the priory part of the cathedral. Read more about it here.

A 19th-century heater.
Because damn, bitches be cold.

"It's just a fleshwound."
Puritanical desecration lead to this dude losing multiple limbs.

Regular readers will remember our favourite British-tap-bashing video, Public Information Film - UK separate taps. (Remember the HURT protocol - Haste, Use your ears, React, and Teach your children!) We now have the very great joy of announcing that we have found another gem of a video! Seriously, people, this is one of the best videos we've seen in a long time! (And we've seen many.)


Festive video - Evolution of British Plumbing

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