Sunday, 5 December 2010

Imperial Aspirations: The Chiewitz Outdoor Privy in Espoo

With the upcoming royal wedding all over the media (especially the Readers' Letters in The Press), we find ourselves harbouring a desire for imperial glamour. Toilets for ordinary mortals are all very well, but our aspirations today are towards the God-given right to sit on a really fancy loo!

Picture by Islander at

This hexagonal building may look like a common-or-garden summerhouse, but actually it is a privy on an imperial scale! Designed by Georg Theodor Chiewitz, it was built at Träskända Gård in a town rather fittingly called Espoo, in Finland, solely for the comfort of Czar Alexander II, who visited in 1863. We hope he enjoyed it!

All information and picture from Wikipedia, which in turn has used material from Nordisk Familjebok (

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