Sunday, 19 December 2010

Revisiting Academia: King's Manor, Main Toilets

 Reviewing the toilet in the CMS building was not enough to satisfy us, and we returned to the main King's Manor toilets for another review!

These toilets boast several clean cubicles, the walls of which all have a thrilling, institutionalesque colour, that yet possesses a certain elegance, and which we would be tempted to describe as eau-de-nil (Oscar Wilde just might have nodded in approval). The flush is the traditional horizontal lever, averagely wearisome to pull, and the loo roll is plain white and hygienically covered. The bin is close, but not so close as to press unpleasantly against one. The coat-hook is exemplary; robust and reliable.

Oscar Wilde says yes!

One is tempted to think that these toilets haven't changed much since they were built, we would guess sometime in the sixties. They contain some charming  original features, that just scream out their antiquity, like this sanitary bag holder.

"Supplied only by Southalls (Birmingham) Ltd"!

The taps, as one would expect, are separated. The hot water tap normally provides an abundance of flesh-singeing scalding water; however, we visited on a cold day, which ensured that the water was a rather pleasant temperature. The always well-filled soap dispensers are the by now rather famous, stylish University of York ones, and there is a notice reminding the toilet-goer to wash their hands frequently. There are thankfully no ancient air-dryers, just pleasant paper towels (and a bin which is continuously overflowing, with a notice from the cleaner asking people not to throw paper towels on the floor. You'd think that academics would be civilised enough not to need reminding, but as we all know only too well, every class of people contains barbarians).

Stylish but antiquated
Hygeia says yes!

Points: 7/15

King's Manor
Exhibition Sq.
University of York, York YO1 2EP
01904 328 431

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