Monday, 6 December 2010

The Rook and Gaskill: Well, the Beer is Good

After our recent imperial flight of fancy, we have landed on mundane old planet Earth with a thump! (Quite literally; we fell down the stairs in a really quite painful accident. Now we sit here, applying plasters and thinking, obsessively, "Pride goes before a fall, pride goes before a fall".) We're done with imperial toilets for a while. Today, therefore, we take a look at the working man's toilet! The Rook and Gaskill is a down-to-earth pub on Lawrence Street, frequented mostly by ordinary people and bizarre, hairy foreigners.

The first thing we notice is the smell of stagnant mould. Then the lilac carpet hits our retinas with the impact of a Spitfire.

Apparently there are people who don't mind wall-to-wall carpets in toilets.  
Hygieia, however, says, "No! No no no no no no no!"

The toilet itself is relatively free of surprises, being fairly bog-standard (pun entirely intentional, and no apologies forthcoming). The toilet roll (plain white) and bin are covered; however, the spare toilet roll is lying unhygienically loose on top of the toilet. The flush is the tiresome, traditional horizontal lever, with a traditional level of awkwardness, requiring a fair amount of mechanical strength. The coat-hook is exemplary in its sturdiness.

Bog-standard pub bog
However, for some reason there is a skylight in the ceiling,
 which unavoidably causes one to worry about local perverts looking in.


Luckily, the only pervert in this picture is the weirdo taking pictures of toilets

The taps bring hopelessness to new levels, the "hot" caption on the hot tap being the customary fraud, but fortunately there is a bowl of pot-pourri on the side, and a sticker claiming to be a Certificate of Sanitation on the mirror, to lift the heart of a weary old toilet reviewer.

The soap is plentiful, and pink, and there is a depressing air-dryer on the wall.

Points: 3/15

The Rook and Gaskill
12 Lawrence Street 
York YO10 3WP 
Tel: 01904 674067 

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