Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Onto the Bleach: The Battle Continues

We imagine you're still reeling from our recent bacterial onslaught, so we thought we'd kick you while you're down, by introducing this thought: when cleaning the bathroom, do you clean frequently touched surfaces like the toilet flush handle, door handle, and light switch (or, if you live in Britain, annoying string light pull)? We rather thought not.

Personally, we favour bleach as a cleaning product, not necessarily because we're bacteriophobic, but because we live in Britain and British bathrooms are notoriously mould-infested.

We've done some research for your benefit, for instance into how to protect yourself from the dangerous flying toilet bacteria which are, if you believe the bleach companies, every moment plotting death and destruction for you and your family.
Here, feast your eyes on these pictures!

Morrisons bleach: kills all germs, apparently

"Kills all germs. 24 hr protection against flying toilet germs"

Domestos doesn't just kill germs, it "kills them dead".
This superior efficiency might be why it costs twice as much as Morrisons' own brand.

Domestos likes to think of itself as the Spiderman of bleach products, clinging to the toilet even after flushing.

Apparently there is such a thing as a Royal Society for Public Health.
Whatever it is, Domestos has been approved by it.

Our bathroom has a towel ring in rather an odd place. Personally we'd rather eat our own liver than use a towel hanging this close to the toilet. (Hygeia feels faint and has to sit down with a glass of brandy at the mere thought.) We've been trying to think of an alternative use for it, since someone went to the trouble of putting it there, and our landlady probably wouldn't be best pleased if we removed it. Monkey, for instance,  likes to use it as a trapeze. If you think of a clever, amusing or useful use of this towel ring, feel free to leave a comment or send us an e-mail at theprivycounsellor@gmail.com!

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