Thursday, 1 September 2011

We Enjoy Ourselves, If Not Royally, So at Least Ducally

 Our life has been pretty rich in social events lately. We even went to a club one night, returning home no earlier than 2 am - pretty rock'n'roll for a provincial town! The club in question is called The Duchess, and is extremely rich in rocking and rolling.
We have very little experience of clubs in provincial towns, but one thing is certain: the toilets in this one are a godsend to the pissed! We have in all honesty never seen a cleaner club toilet - this is very different from the seedy London establishments we used to frequent in our salad days! One could, without giving the matter a second thought, kneel on these floors and place one's head in the vicinity of the toilet bowl, then return to the dancefloor without worrying about bits of rotting rats' corpses sticking to one's hair.

We didn't, in all honesty, expect anything other than separate taps.
The sink was extremely clean, though, and the soap in plentiful supply.

We didn't in all honesty expect anything other than an air-dryer either.
Check out the emptied bin and the clean floors, though!

The pièce de résistance: the toilet! So clean! Covered loo roll holder,
and even a bloody toilet brush, indication that these toilets are actually cleaned, probably even regularly!

Alas: there was once a coat-hook here!

Canadian Friend striking a Debbie Harry pose in the toilet, and looking so hot we had to mask her identity for fear of love-struck males setting up camp outside her house!

Unfortunately the taps, air-dryer and lack of coat-hooks drag the score down so low we are loath to post it, as we really enjoyed ourselves and had a cracking time in the toilets!
If you fancy a night out on the tiles we really can't recommend the Duchess enough - the staff are friendly, the music is great, and the toilets really, really, really clean!

The Duchess
Stonebow House
York YO1 7NP

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