Friday, 9 September 2011

Trust the National Trust to Have an Alright Toilet

 We are indebted to Canadian Friend for this update. The below pictures are from the National Trust Tea Room in York. Our friend was most impressed with this toilet which, although bog-standard and by no means fancy, has a mixer-tap, covered toilet-roll holder, well-filled soap dispenser and coat-hook! Moreover, this is a disability toilet (which might be the reason it's got a mixer tap), so everyone can have a go. The flush handle, however, looks like a traditional British flush requiring large mechanical strength to turn, and therefore disability-hostile.

Covered bin which doesn't look as though it would get uncomfortably close, and a covered bog-roll holder. However, the flush handle looks like it might not be easily manoeuvrable, and therefore it might not be disability-friendly

A mixer-tap!

Paper towel dispenser. Paper towels are hygienic, and much preferable to air-dryers, unless of course there is a hygienic, low-energy one available (read more about them here)

This looks like an excellent coat-hook. And the door opens outwards!
We meant to quote a Morrissey song which we seem to remember having the words "National Trust" in it, but we're too hungover to remember which one it might be. If you happen to know, please drop us a line.

Since we haven't been to this toilet ourselves we find it hard to review, but we estimate that it gets roughly 9 points out of 17.

National Trust Tea Rooms
30 Goodramgate
York YO1 2LG

01904 659282

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