Monday, 5 September 2011

A Visionary If Not Strictly Toilet-Related Update

Forgive us for this not-strictly-toilet-related post, but we've been spending some time in Oxfam lately and, while there, our nose alerted us to the presence of these highly delectable bath melts from a company called the Visionary Soap Company. Our local Oxfam shop stocks the geranium and lavender varieties. Fairtrade, vegan, and entirely devoid of planet-hostile palm oil - bingo!
If you have the nerve to get into your bath after our last bacterial update, we highly recommend taking these babies with you! Alas, we can't transfer the scent of them via the picture below, but we would describe it as, to get poetical, really, really, really yummy.

Really, really, really yummy

...While we're on the subject of Oxfam, may we recommend a look at their Unwrapped gifts? The Build a Bog happens to be a favourite of ours.

...And, if you happen to be Scandiwegian and like bath- and beauty-type products, we recommend you have a gander at this blog.

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