Monday, 12 September 2011

On the Eighth Day God Created Paratroopers, But He Forgot the Soap

Yesterday we donned our favourite tweeds and went for a brisk stroll in the countryside. The weather was bracing, with the feisty hurricane Katia in mischievous mood. We enjoyed the scenery, just outside the little village of Catterick, very much; there was an abundance of moorland, woods, pine trees, juniper bushes, etc, to gladden the eye and put a song in the heart of even the most cantankerous old sergeant-major. A legion or so of strapping young men in uniform lined the way, cheering us on during our outing - most invigorating!
If you hadn't guessed already, we happened to be taking part in the Paras 10 race at Catterick Garrison, in aid of the Parachute Regiment charity! It was a fantastic day, and we recommend the experience warmly to anyone who likes running, or who just likes pain.

We've got some exciting interiors of a disability toilet to show you, as well as a portaloo!

The disabled toilet at Catterick garrison: Most clean and hygienic, with plenty of space.

A mixer tap and paper towels! However, there was no soap. Also, note the paper towel already scrunched up and discarded in an odd place, due to the lack of a bin. (Hygeia frowns.)

One can only applaud this military anti-bacterial campaign

We love NHS posters aimed at the military! Getting tested for chlamydia is "a piece of piss" apparently!

Getting tested is easier than you think

A close-up of the mixer tap, because we loved it!
Unfortunately, despite the admirable cleanliness and the mixer tap, this toilet only earns 1 measly point, due to the lack of soap, bin, coathook and toilet roll holder! The lack of a bin actually had comical consequences, as at the end of the day there was a pile of paper towels reaching halfway to the ceiling in one corner! One pities whoever was on latrine duty that day...

Now for the portaloo.

Early in the day and the portaloo is well stocked with bog roll, paper towels and soap

Hygienic paper towels

The toilet. Perfectly civilised, if somewhat muddy - perfectly understandable

The amount of toilet roll needed was seriously underestimated
The portaloo gets 4 points. Though there wasn't nearly enough toilet paper for all the runners, the loos were clean (at least during the early part of the day) and smelled very pleasantly of eucalyptus!

All in all, we had a smashing time at Catterick. The scenery really was astounding, and the Paras had put up cheering signs along the way, with slogans such as "Train hard - fight easy" and "On the eighth day God created paratroopers, and the Devil stood to attention". The pain is temporary and the mud was easy to wash off.

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