Thursday, 15 September 2011

Rejoice, for We Bring You Another Celebrity Crapper!

Our toilet celebrity has recently moved house (you can view the old toilet here), and we, in our capacity of toilet reviewer to the stars, were naturally invited to view the toilet as soon as it was ready.
Creeping in with our camera, we were overwhelmed by this toilet's loveliness. It is rich in light and ceiling height, and that aura of glamour that celebrity toilets always have pervades every nook and cranny. This is no ordinary crapper - it's a star-dusted celebrity crapper!
We chided our famous dusky beauty, who remains anonymous, for not having mixer taps in the bathroom, casting her suggestion that period properties shouldn't have them on the dungheap, where it belongs! We would go so far as to say "pish and piffle" to that idea! Also "stuff and nonsense". Be that as it may, there is at least a mixer tap in the kitchen, a picture of which we include below to calm and reassure sensitive, high-strung readers.
Let the loveliness begin!

A vision of loveliness

The sink. Hygeia, naturally, frowns at the separated taps and has to fight the urge to rip them out with her teeth

Regular readers will recognise these prints

A lovely toilet...

...and it's got a water-saving flush!

A saucy print from the Arabian Nights, adding that je ne sais quoi so essential to the celebrity bathroom

Many, many mirrors! Eight of them, in fact.

The kitchen mixer tap. You can all breathe again now.
All in all we enjoyed our latest celebrity toilet jaunt very much, and look forward to bringing you many more in future!

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