Friday, 21 October 2011

Privy Counsel, Patrons of Art

Here at the Privy Counsel, we are enthusiastic patrons of the arts. Far from being unwashed barbarians, we are in fact highly cultured, and enjoy art at all sorts of eyebrow heights.
An enlightened friend recently went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. And lo and behold, here is what he beheld:

Trees, by Dennis Oppenheim. Or should that be "toilet trees", as someone wittily suggested?
Well, quite. This remarkable piece of art is called Trees and was created by Dennis Oppenheim. If you've already emptied the privy and cleaned all your chamber pots, and have got nothing better to do this weekend, we suggest you go and goggle at this inspiring piece of art.


  1. Fantastic! Did you buy it ? :)

  2. Alas, the Privy Council Art-buying fund remains somewhat strained. But we welcome donations!


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