Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Red Lion: A Roaring Good Bog

We actually end up in the Red Lion pub in York quite a lot, for various non-toilet-related activities. It's got a very cosy, olde worlde atmosphere, the staff are friendly, and there's a lovely fireplace. Also, it smells very strongly of toilet cleaner. We haven't quite decided how to feel about this yet. Surely it is a good thing that the pub management take the cleaning of their toilets seriously? Yet one wishes that the aroma wasn't quite so pungent. But we understand that this is a common problem since the smoking ban was introduced. When people were still allowed to smoke in pubs, they smelled of all kinds of unimaginable horrors - only nobody noticed! So we won't hold the smell against the Red Lion, but continue to enjoy the ambience.

So unexpected we nearly screamed: A mixer-tap! In an ordinary English pub!
We'd rather not know what creepy, unhygienic substances might be hiding behind
all that wood and carpet, but find the ensemble rather charming, nonetheless.
This soap will never set the Thames on fire,
but it does the job
One can only approve of a pub that provides adequate, er, safety measures

The main event, so to speak. Perfectly fine, isn't it?
A charming window adds the right olde-worlde touch, and crucial ventilation

 We give this toilet six points, which ain't bad for a pub bog!

The Red Lion
2 Merchant Place
York, North Yorkshire, YO1 9TU
Telephone: 01904 640418

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