Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Dizzying Heights of Toilet Perfection

We meant to offer you a fascinating glimpse of the bathroom of Italian friends of ours (it's got under-floor heating and mixer-taps!), but we're having technical difficulties with the Privy Counsel camera. In order to avoid desperate attempts to jump out of windows, allow us to present instead this bathroom from Forte di Bard, in Bard, Italy, as consolation. Forte di Bard was originally a medieval fortress and is situated on the top of a small mountain. How fitting that such a thrilling location should offer such excellent toilets!

Bard has apparently had a bridge in this spot since Roman times.
One wonders if it, like London Bridge, once housed toilets...

We often yearn for the fabled Continent, where sinks like this one are normal.
Oh! to be in possession of such a mixer-tap!

Tissue and bin

An exemplary, clean toilet, with a water-saving and disability-friendly flush

We are not convinced by the eco credentials of Kimberly Clark.
Nonetheless, this is a very sanitary toilet-paper arrangement.

This toilet was both pleasantly warm and securely locked.
We do enjoy proper toilets with a sturdy door, as opposed to flimsy cubicles offering as much privacy as the morning toilette of Louis XIV. Hence, the sturdy door earns this toilet a bonus point, bringing the total up to 9.

Fortress of Bard Association
11020 Bard (AO)
Valle d'Aosta
Ph: +39 0125 833811
Ph: +39 0125 809811

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