Tuesday, 30 August 2011

If You Like Sheep and Beer: Why Not Go to the Lake District on Your Next Holiday

In an unparalleled fit of madness we went camping in the Lake District in January with Intellectual Friend, Quasi-Intellectual Friend (a.k.a. The Mexican Hair Horror) and somebody we like to think of as the Giant Lump of Lunacy. When it didn't snow like buggery it rained like the dickens, until we actually got flooded and had to leave the campsite in a dramatic night-time life-saving manoeuvre. Why, you may ask, quite reasonably, did we set out on so ridiculous a project? Why, because of the Old Dungeon Ghyll pub of course! Enveloped in its welcoming arms one may attempt to dry one's sodden garments in front of the friendly fire or, failing that, at least drink oneself insensible.
There is of course always the Café Treff in Ambleside as well, which, you may remember, harbours the best toilet in England. We tend to take refuge there to get away from our travelling companions and warm up briefly.

This old receipt turned up in a book, reminding us of bad weather and a seriously good toilet

The Old Dungeon Ghyll Hiker's Bar toilet: antique taps and sinks

A perfectly reasonable, if freezing cold, toilet, bin and toilet roll holder.

Smart-One - actually quite clever! This device makes it difficult to pull off unnecessary amounts of paper

Retro formica door

These toilets don't get many points, but we happen to be very fond of them nonetheless. We cannot recommend the Old Dungeon Ghyll warmly enough.

The Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel
Great Langdale
Cumbria, LA22 9JY


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