Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Matter Not to Be Poo-Pooed

Do you like dogs? We love dogs. We can't get enough of our furry friends with dog breath who scatter hair onto all sorts of incongruous places, like our toothbrush, and expect us to pick up their poo. Yes. The one downside to socialising with dogs is that one ends up picking up fresh, warm excrement with a flimsy plastic bag. Many people, of course, don't bother, cheerfully leaving dog turds for other people to slip on. This is clearly wrong and a morally objectionable practice. While it is not enjoyable to pick up dog poo, neither is it difficult. Especially not in Edinburgh, where we came across this delightful little dog bag dispenser. Hurrah for Edinburgh!

The perfect decorative accessory in a pretty, well-kept park: A dog-poo bag dispenser...

...complete with helpful illustrations

The bags are even biodegradable!

...and here's why picking up after your dog is so important. Though one wonders. Surely one must get VERY up close and personal in order to go blind from dog poo? (This is of course another reason why handwashing is so important.)

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