Monday, 17 October 2011

Some German Toilet Paper Trivia

Today is one of those days when we shamelessly steal content from another website. We found this amusing titbit on a random blog. What can we say? We continue to be blessed with a lot of German readers, and we find ourselves irrevocably inspired!
Before you write us a fuming e-mail about the sanctity of international copyright, bear with us and you will see that this article is actually relevant to yesterday's toilet paper rant.

German toilet paper. Über-German, even!
Image from deutschland.
According to, German soldiers use 800 million rolls of toilet paper a year. Former soldiers said the number is actually a lot higher. That equals to 10 rolls of toilet paper a day per soldier.

One blogger recalled that elite mountain troops are given a roll a day as part of the basic equipment, as are troops stationed in Afghanistan.

There is a historic precedent for such consumption. German corporals used to drum into their recruits: 

"Wohin und wieweit ich marschier'

ich geh' niemals ohne mein Klopapier".

("Wherever and however I march, I never go without my loo paper.")

Personal hygiene, a problem in the World War I trenches, was given a high priority when the Germans mounted the Blitzkrieg of World War II.

One soldier in an internet chat room revealed, "The grey recycled paper is the best way of cleaning small-calibre weapons - every soldier knows that."

More German toilet paper. For premium small-arms care.
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A guaranteed happy end with German toilet paper!
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