Monday, 3 October 2011

Princely Bogs in Princes Street Gardens

  Pretty much everything about Princes Street Gardens, in Edinburgh, is awesome: the Castle Rock overlooking it was, 350 million years ago, an active volcano by a tropical sea; the roses lining it smell gorgeous; and the public toilets are both clean and functional!
  Lest we forget, we should mention that the toilets in the nearby National Gallery of Scotland are clean, modern, functional and very pleasant, too, but unfortunately there were rather a lot of visitors and we were unable to photograph them without attracting the wrong kind of attention; the kind that leads to awkward questions and phone calls to the police by concerned citizens.

Let's start with the scenery: the Castle from Princes Street Gardens (photograph courtesy of Australian Friend)

An exemplary, even admirable, coat-hook; sturdy and functional

The toilet: nothing out of the ordinary, but clean

Very clean sink, but no hot water

An extra-shiny soap dispenser, dispensing nice-smelling soap with estimable efficiency

Huh. A bog-standard air-dryer

Positively bursting with cleanliness and all-round hygiene.

 The points for this Scottish beauty add up to seven.

Princes Street Gardens East and West
Princes Street
Edinburgh EH2 2HG

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