Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Reykjavik Revisited: An Exercise in Calligraphy

Apparently, the public at large is simply screaming out for more pictures of Icelandic toilets!  And who are we to deny the plebs their simple pleasures?
(If you missed the first, ground-breaking look at Icelandic toilets, educate yourself here: The Privy Counsel: Icelandic Toilets: An Intellectual Update)
If we had the time (read: if our Icelandic were better), we would translate these charming exercises in calligraphy for you. However, you will have to content yourselves with our assurance that they are most amusing!

Here is a picture of one of the toilets in an Icelandic bar.  The flush, which appears to be of the easy pull-up variety, is broken, and the toilet paper is all over the place. However, the amusing inscription on the wall more than makes up for any technical failings.

Thrifty tip of the week: Instead of throwing the empty toilet roll on the floor, why not keep it and make a papier maché pig or a Christmas tree ornament?

Chortle, chortle

Snort, snort


Slapping thighs!

Here's a picture of the toilet in an underground bar in Reykjavík. We have very little to say about it, except that it looks like Hitler's bunker, and that the hand towel dispenser is open, causing us not a little alarm and distress. Hygeia says no!

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