Monday, 8 November 2010

St Christopher's Place, London

We regret that no picture of this toilet is available; however, here's an interesting one of a pulp mill. Believe us when we say it smells much worse than any toilet.

St Christopher's place is a relatively pleasant oasis in the middle of London, just off Oxford Street.  It boasts, apart from suit-filled restaurants and chic boutiques, some pretty good public toilets.We sought relief there one winter's day.

The toilets were clean and smelled pleasantly of disinfectant.  The toilet roll was a depressing pink colour, but at least it didn't have the texture of greaseproof paper.  The flush was of the horizontal lever variety, and averagely hard to pull.  The bin was covered, and not squashing against the thighs.
The taps were separate, but for some weird and wonderful reason, the water was pleasantly warm, not scalding, in the hot tap.  We suspected that this was due to the cold weather cooling the water in the non-insulated pipes, and we were right! Returning a couple of hours later, the water was the more traditional, scalding, temperature.  The soap was pleasant, but there were only air-dryers; not what the hygienically-minded toilet reviewer desires when in miasma-filled central London.

Points: 3/15

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