Tuesday, 23 November 2010

What Would Freud Say? Toilet Fear: More Common Than You Think

Today we return to the theme of the workplace toilet. A friend of ours in far-off, hygienically sound Sweden drew our attention to this little news titbit.  It seems that there is a wonderful phenomenon called the Toilet Barometer, which finds out all kinds of thrilling facts about people's thoughts on toilets.  Apparently, 55% of Polish people are afraid of being infected by disease when going to the toilet at work!  Either Poles are more than averagely paranoid, or we have reason to be grateful that we have never visited Poland.  The French are little better; 39% of Frenchmen are scared of their work toilets (and they have never even seen the toilet featured in our Screaming Horror Halloween Special!).  Furthermore, and this is intriguing, 19% of French workers claim to use their workplace facilities seldom or never.  Maybe they have super-strong, reinforced bladders?  Or maybe their shorter-than-the-European-average working week means that they can comfortably wait until they get home?  Swedish people, as would be expected, are the least worried about their workplace bogs; only 8% harbour paranoia in that department.

In case you're starting to feel sleepy at your desk, here's a refreshing image to wake you up!

To revisit our workplace toilet reviews, see
If you have Scandinavian leanings, read the entire Toilet Barometer article at: http://www.dn.se/nyheter/sverige/toaskrack-vanligt-pa-jobbet-1.1210186

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