Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Intellectual Streak Continues: Leeds University Library Bogs, or, Yorkshire Graffitti

You lucky, lucky toilet blog readers are in for a treat today!
Rejoice, firstly, for our internet connection allows us to upload full-size pictures! 
Secondly, we have a charming series of photographs from the Leeds University Library toilets.

We begin with this delightful picture of a toilet. Note the hygienically covered toilet paper, which is of a blessedly plain white colour and texture.

Photographer's note: The water appears to be naturally yellow
 Then we have some charming graffiti. First, a riddle:

A man works on the 100th floor of a building.  Every day he takes the lift to the 50th floor and walks the rest.
 Except when it is raining, he takes it all the way to the top.  Why?
Get your heads round that one!

Then we have a simple but stylistically pleasing rhyme, followed by a serious accusation. It appears academics can't even go to the toilet without accusing each other of plagiarism!

Here I sat
& Here I shat
I can’t believe you plagiarised my work from the other cubicle, you fucking toilet!

 Finally, a light-hearted poem and a somewhat critical personal observation:
Transcription (selection):
When I poop
It looks like soup
Or otters, swimming,
In a little group

Karl Pilkington has a head like a fucking orange

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