Wednesday, 10 November 2010

York City Art Gallery

Life has its dark moments, but every now and then we are afforded a glimpse of light.  We had one the other day, when visiting the York City Art Gallery café.  Not only is the café quite, quite scrumptious, offering a view of the Minster, which is quite delicious in summer, when one can sit outside in the sunshine (should there happen to be any), but the toilets are really quite decent.

The facilities are clean with white, covered loo roll.  It is of the “lots of tiny little squares” variety, which is probably good for the environment, counteracting wasteful toilet-roll usage.  The bin is not unpleasantly close, and the coat-hanger is excellent.  So far so good.

Now it gets really exciting: there is a mixer tap!  And the water is pleasantly warm!  And the soap smells nice!   
The advantages end there; there is an air dryer only, and, the building being old, there is no ventilation to speak of, leading to a certain whiffyness of atmosphere.  Also, the doors were not built with noise insulation in mind, with the result that one can hear old ladies breathing outside.  Not very pleasant. It is not possible to exit without touching multiple door handles.

Points: 8/15

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